Eliminate the Element of Surprise

Don’t sacrifice highly trained law enforcement, military or security personnel as exposed targets.

Additional personnel at a security entrance or secured site are required due to the already understood, inability for one guard to “contain projected velocity.” Typically and all too late, security personnel react to armed provocation without the strategic advantage of containment. Thus they are a step behind, as it takes the human body 3/4 of a second to effectively react to stimuli.

Even the sharpest of operatives periodically fall victim to complacency and lack of focus. These are but a few reasons, that without the advantage of containment, the first security officer to confront an armed assailant is not only at an extreme disadvantage, but in peril as well.

Conversely, bullet resistant automated security entrances, integrated with screening devices, manned or not, render the same assailant isolated, ineffective and without the element of surprise.

Security personnel recognize that an armed assailant is not deterred by detection. Typically the moment of detection merely becomes the catalyst for the assault to begin.

This is especially so for an organized assault, whereby the first perpetrator, by his actions, activates and identifies security measures for the benefit of a main force. This main group has now gained a tactical advantage as they go unnoticed while they pre-target security forces responding to suppress the immediate threat. The main assault group now has the advantage over the distracted and exposed security force.

By automatically detecting and isolating the first assailant, a proactive security system protects security personnel and denies a broader attack on the entrance from ever occurring.

Isotec Security’s deepest concern is that one day the inherent weakness of reactive vs. proactive security will be exploited at very dear cost to the facility targeted, the security personnel charged with its protection and citizenry. Our mission is to insure that does not happen.

David Barnes
Chief Executive
Isotec Security

Isotec Safety Entrances Protect Homeland Security Facility

Isotec Security deployed multiple technological innovations with its recent delivery of an automated safety entrance system for a DHS agency. The site specific, bullet resistant, automated weapons, access and materials control system is the most technologically advanced system available for controlling public access to a government facility. “The challenge was direct, provide isolating technology and safety solutions that would exceed our customer’s functionality and aesthetic expectations.”

Isotec Security’s core competency for invention and innovation made this system its most advanced automated security solution; demonstrating yet again Isotec Security’s ability to provide site specific and risk appropriate security for the strategic assets of the Departments of Defense, Energy and Homeland Security.

The multi lane Safety Entrance system is remotely monitored and controlled by ICON, Isotec Security’s proprietary IP communication and graphic user interface technology. ICON’s command and control capability enables the system to interface with metal detectors, intercoms, multi-level infrared object detection, video cameras, motion and presence sensors, card readers and Isotec Security’s proprietary Anti-tailgating (ATG) technology.

To meet specified risk and threat detection and isolation requisites, Isotec Security designed an infrared detection system that instantly identifies abandoned objects within control areas. Code named “Vigilant”, the application will insure that articles entering control areas and passage ways are screened.

DA VINCI LIGHTING – Seeing is Believing
Isotec Security also unveiled its 3G ambient lighting package. The system utilizes recessed LED technology, creating an even and brighter ambiance within desired control areas. The lighting system reduces installation time and energy costs vs. canned incandescent lighting.

The break away magnetic lock system and Da Vinci LED system are commercially available in Isotec’s High Security Ballistic.

Isotec Security is a comprehensive safety and security solutions provider and manufacturer of automated “hard posture” security systems, and related isolation technologies designed for deterrence, detection and protection against acts of terrorism. These bullet resistant systems have a stellar operating history and is Designated by the Department of Homeland Security and Anti-terrorism Technologies as safe and effective.

Isotec Security is headquartered in Westminster, Colorado. For more information about our safety entrances request information or call 303-452-0022.