Isotec Security Company Profile

Isotec Security designs and manufactures interlocking door Safety Entrances® for Airports, Nuclear Facilities, Military Bases, Courthouses, Industrial Complexes, Capital Buildings, Strategic Assets, Schools and Financial Institutions. Our entrances and exits provide 100% objective security threat assessment and containment, as well as remote and “eyes on” command and control.

In March 2012, Isotec Security Safety Entrances were designated as Qualified Anti-terrorism Technologies by the Department of Homeland Security (as defined under the 2002 SAFETY Act). Our Designation provides for certain liability protections for those who use or install our interlocking door Safety Entrances®. The Designation recognizes the safety and effectiveness of the Safety Entrances and the QA/QC process followed for product compliance and consistency.

Isotec Security incorporates specifically engineered ballistic, or blast, resistant Safety Entrances with interlocking doors. These entrances can incorporate metal detectors, X-ray, SNM detectors, motion sensors, video analytics, credential/personal positive identification devices, and anti-tailgating (ATG) technologies for comprehensive 24/7 automated security.

Customized control algorithms offer operator flexibility with Isotec’s 3 in 1 Synergy Touchscreen Operator Console. Isotec Security is a leader in the use of the latest innovations to build the most sophisticated, cost effective interlocking door Safety Entrance® solutions on the market. Security’s DHS Designation confirms our unsurpassed ability to provide Safety Entrance® technologies insures our client  we’ll help them protect what matters.