Montreal Gazette (Canada) (04/21/10) Schmidt, Sarah

In testimony before the Canadian House of Commons’ transport committee, Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) President Kevin McGarr said that more money may need to be spent on airport security technologies to counter new threats. McGarr noted that the 44 full-body scanners that have been installed at Canadian airports in the wake of the failed attempt to bomb Northwest Airlines Flight 253 last Christmas are useful tools that can identify individuals who are using planning to use dangerous devices that metal detectors cannot find. However, CATSA probably does not have the resources it needs to meet new security regulations that may be implemented after a future terrorist plot, which means that the agency may have to invest more money on technologies that can mitigate any new threats that may arise from those plots, McGarr said. His comments led some critics to complain that security fees could once again go up in Canada in order to cover the cost of any new technologies CATSA decides to install at airports. Security fees on round-trip domestic flights in Canada have already gone up from $9.80 to $14.96 this month.