The Atlas pivot table provides a large aesthetic surface for items, which need to be inspected by an overhead camera.

The table takes its name from the device used to provide it motion – a pivot rather than a hinge – and the uncanny strength of the Titan Greek god, Atlas.

Atlas is practically-engineered, superior in design, more aesthetic, and much stronger than hinged tables.

The Corian® counter top rotates up with the lift of a pinkie finger.  In the down position, the area space is 7.25” x 11.75”. Atlas is engineered to support up to 50lbs. The triangle shaped grooving keeps small articles on the table.

Atlas may be retrofitted to replace Isotec’s bowl-shaped inspection receptacle. Its size, shape, and design allows for a broader inspection capability.

The table top is constructed from Corian® and seamless stainless steel tubing.  The exposed assembly mount is black. The pivot assembly is concealed within the corner column.

Atlas can be retrofitted to most Safety Entrances®. You can order a right or left hand mounted model. Call today, to discuss the placement compatibility issues of your site with your Isotec representative.

See the Atlas pivot table in action, holding 50LBS!!