Smart Doors

Smart Doors


Do you consider doors that do what you want, when you want, to be smart? How about a door system that reacts before you do? Imagine doors that are disciplined enough to protect you from harm or respond to your request in an emergency. How does this magic happen?

Smart doors are the result of aligning a series of arrayed sensors and components in constant communication with a computer know as a Programmable Logic Controller or PLC. PLCs play significant roles in our daily lives. They control stop lights, air conditioning (AKA HVAC), nuclear reactors, complex automated factories, and yes, for decades, our interlocking door systems.

PLCs don’t give operating instructions randomly. They are hard wired and pre-programmed with your operating instructions. They’ll transmit your instructions when you want and where, 24/7, every day. BTW, though done serially all this happens in the bat of an eye. We call this the “scenario of operation”.

A simple scenario of operation is “lock door A if door B is unlocked and remains unlocked”. That is a simple but fundamental act for an interlocking door system. Without that logic programmed in, both doors would be open and effectually lose “interlock’ functionality.

Doors can be programmed to work differently based on a multitude of requirements to accommodate a client’s need, and local codes. With the appropriate technologies in place, any operational requirement imaginable can be programmed into a PLC that will make the doors do what you want they and when.

Smart doors can now be controlled. Smart doors can be controlled and monitored from pretty much anywhere via web or cellular connectivity with smart phones, tablets, or dedicated wireless remotes.

Doors exist for a reason, what are yours? Do you need to protect or secure your facility, courthouse, airport, or hospital, but unsure how best to instruct and control your doors? Give us a call or send us a message. We can help.

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Ballistic and Hurricane Resistant Aluminum

Ballistic and Hurricane Resistant Aluminum


Isotec uses a 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for our doors and frames in our Safety Entrances™. The 6061 alloy has 64% greater strength to weight ratio, 72% greater tensile strength, and 75% greater shear strength than the 6063-T5 alloy used by others.

Strength to weight is a rather self-defined expression. The 6061 alloy weighs less but is stronger than the 6063 alloy. This strength to weight ratio is reflected in the higher tensile and shear strength ratios of the alloy.

Tensile strength is measured by the maximum stress that a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before breaking. This is important for our structures, doors, and ballistic glass need to withstand the energy generated by gunfire.

Shear strength . A shear load is a force that tends to produce a sliding failure on a material along a plane that is parallel to the direction of the force. In structural and mechanical engineering, the shear strength of a component is important for designing the dimensions and materials to be used for the manufacture or construction of the component like transom, oversized doors and side walls with glass panels that can weigh more 300 pounds.

Most importantly, the 6061-T6 alloy has a greater ballistic resistance than and “wind load” capacity than 6063-T5.  For those of you who live in hurricane areas, you know the importance of having buildings and structures that can stand up to 150mph plus hurricane force winds.

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Jewelry Store Robbery Prevention

Isotec Security – Security Subject Matter Experts

“Crime against jewelry stores and firms result in losses over $125 million annually. On the average, 10-15 homicides occur annually during jewelry store robberies.”

Jewelry store robbers are predators; they’re ambush attackers that rely on the element of surprise and lethal force to succeed; more dangerous and sophisticated predators and robbers attack in teams. Isotec’s DeTect & ProTect Automated Security Entrances deter would be robbers, deny them element of surprise, and the ability to work as a team to take over your business.

Jewelry store robberies are pre-meditated; predominantly involve the use of a weapon and tend to be more violent than bank robberies. The robbers themselves tend to be career criminals with a pension for violence. In 2010 more people were shot and killed during jewelry store robberies than in bank robberies. This because jewelry store robbers don’t pass a discrete note as they do in bank robberies, they brandish a loaded fire arm which is usually a large caliber weapon.

In addition to an elevated personal threat to you, your employees and customers, jewelry store losses from robberies are greater than those suffered by banks by more 20% per occurrence, with 70% of the crimes left unsolved with no arrests made.

Police departments around the country have fewer officers and resources to deter or protect against jewelry store robberies due to the slashed local and municipal operating budgets. Some cities have gone so far as to disband their police departments and contract with county agencies which are also under manned and operating under budget constraints. This trend will continue.

Until now, jewelry store owners hired guard services, carried a weapon, or turn their High Value Retail store into a locked down facility to deter and protect against armed robberies.

Isotec’s proven technology for Jewelry store owners is a 24/7, risk appropriate, automated security entrance and weapons control system, specifically designed to meet the security requisites, budget and space constraints of jewelry store owners to deter, detect and protect against armed robberies. Jewelry stores can now afford state of the art technology like that used to protect airports, banks, military installations and courthouses for less than $200* a month.

There has never been a successful armed robbery of a facility employing an Isotec Security Automated Safety Entrance control system. Email or call us today at 720-545-2816 for more information.