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“Crime against jewelry stores and firms result in losses over $125 million annually. On the average, 10-15 homicides occur annually during jewelry store robberies.”

Jewelry store robbers are predators; they’re ambush attackers that rely on the element of surprise and lethal force to succeed; more dangerous and sophisticated predators and robbers attack in teams. Isotec’s DeTect & ProTect Automated Security Entrances deter would be robbers, deny them element of surprise, and the ability to work as a team to take over your business.

Jewelry store robberies are pre-meditated; predominantly involve the use of a weapon and tend to be more violent than bank robberies. The robbers themselves tend to be career criminals with a pension for violence. In 2010 more people were shot and killed during jewelry store robberies than in bank robberies. This because jewelry store robbers don’t pass a discrete note as they do in bank robberies, they brandish a loaded fire arm which is usually a large caliber weapon.

In addition to an elevated personal threat to you, your employees and customers, jewelry store losses from robberies are greater than those suffered by banks by more 20% per occurrence, with 70% of the crimes left unsolved with no arrests made.

Police departments around the country have fewer officers and resources to deter or protect against jewelry store robberies due to the slashed local and municipal operating budgets. Some cities have gone so far as to disband their police departments and contract with county agencies which are also under manned and operating under budget constraints. This trend will continue.

Until now, jewelry store owners hired guard services, carried a weapon, or turn their High Value Retail store into a locked down facility to deter and protect against armed robberies.

Isotec’s proven technology for Jewelry store owners is a 24/7, risk appropriate, automated security entrance and weapons control system, specifically designed to meet the security requisites, budget and space constraints of jewelry store owners to deter, detect and protect against armed robberies. Jewelry stores can now afford state of the art technology like that used to protect airports, banks, military installations and courthouses for less than $200* a month.

There has never been a successful armed robbery of a facility employing an Isotec Security Automated Safety Entrance control system. Email or call us today at 720-545-2816 for more information.