Jewelry Store Security Systems and Robbery Protection

Jewelry store robberies are more costly, and even worse, more deadly than bank robberies. With Isotec Security interlocking door Safety Entrances® in place, jewelry store owners, employees, and clients are protected from single or multiple armed robbers.

Isotec’s automated interlocking door Safety Entrances® are specifically designed to detect guns and eliminate ‘smash & grab’ type of jewelry store robberies. By using the same type of weapons detection technology used at airports, our interlocking doors deny access to anyone carrying weapons, hammers, crowbars, tire irons, or aluminum baseball bats.

Our automated interlocking door systems are 100% objective and on duty 24/7, and can also be configured for loss prevention. Security guards can be extremely costly, they can be compromised, and because they are human, they may not perform under pressure. In addition, Isotec’s interlocking Safety Entrances can stop multiple would be attackers from overwhelming store owners and security guards with our proven 100% objective, automated security technology. Safety Entrances® offer the added security of bullet resistant composites. There have been countless robberies to stores with guards on duty, but there has never been a successful armed robbery of a facility using Isotec’s Safety Entrances®.


This is very violent, 4 people were murdered in 23 seconds of this attempted robbery.

Isotec Security Jewelry Store Entrance

Jewelry Store Entrance

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