Commercial Interlocking Doors

DESIGNATED TECHNOLOGIES FOR YOUR SAFETY – Isotec’s Single and Two Lane, Designated Safety Entrances®, and Exit Lane Breach Control (ELBC) systems have been recognized by the Department of Homeland Security as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies. Our two lane Safety Entrances® provide a weapons control lane and exit lane to accommodate higher foot traffic. Exit Lane Breach Control is built into every Safety Entrance® to stop persons from entering through the exit lane. Our systems interlocking doors can be built to withstand up to UL Level III specifications; .44 Magnum round with a muzzle velocity of 1,418 FPS.

Site & user specific security options, and engineered designs are common in our single and two lane interlocking door Safety Entrances®. Height, width and length modifications insure our structures fit existing entrances and meet architectural requirements.

More security integrators, federal and municipal agencies rely on Isotec’s Safety Entrances® than any other brand. Call us at 303.800.3344 for information on how we can help you protect what matters.