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Government Interlocking Doors

Isotec Security’s Safety Entrances® and Exit Lane Breach Control Systems (ELBC) are Designated Anti-terrorism Technologies by the Department of Homeland Security. Qualified Federal, State and Municipal agencies may purchase Isotec’s standard and site specific DHS Designated Safety Entrances and Exit Lane Breach Control systems directly at, keyword search, Isotec Security.


  • 100% Protocol Objectivity
  • Automated Responses
  • Immediate Threat Containment
  • Risk Appropriate Security Solutions
  • Informational Conduit
  • Distributed Processing


  • PLC Programmed Sensors & Door Interlocks
  • Synergy 3 in 1 (Control, Video, Intercom) Touchscreen Operator Console
  • Docking Stations for Multiple Work Stations
  • Event Logging & Automatic Archiving
  • Management Configured Alarm Assessment
  • Transparent Encryption Capable
  • Escort Control and Tracking
  • Operator Logging and Response Tracking
  • Two-Man-Rule Implementations


  • Standard and Custom PLC Automated Interlocking Security Doors
  • Anti-tailgating Sensors (ATG)
  • Exit Lane Breach Control (ELBC)
  • Material Screening (MTL, SNM, XRAY, Others)
  • Left Objects Detection
  • UL Level I – VIII Ballistic Rated Glass (No Spall)
  • Covert Concealed Cameras
  • Voice Prompts
  • Multi-Platform/Multi-Vendor Integration
  • Interfaces to Card/Biometric Systems

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