Bank Robbery Suspect Trapped Making Escape

Dave D’Marko & Rob Phillips, WDTN, Dayton, Ohio, Jan 20, 2009

Dayton Police arrested a bank robbery suspect after tellers managed to trap him at the scene of the crime.

Police said the man ran into nothing but trouble when he tried to rob the National City Bank on Troy Street about 9:30 Tuesday morning.

He handed a note to a teller who “read note and saw he was demanding money from her drawer and said you don’t want to do this,” said Dayton Police Sgt. Andrew Booher.

He started out of the bank without any money, but didn’t know National City had a new weapon to fight crime.

“Once he got to double doors the teller has [an] activation switch. Because of her quick thinking, as soon as she hit [the] activation switch, as soon as he went into the double doors he was immediately locked and basically caged,” Sgt. Booher explained. “There was nowhere he was going to go. He was trapped in there and nothing else for him to do than give himself up.”

There were customers in the bank, but police said they were never in danger.

The man did not have a weapon, but even if he did, the glass doors trapping him were bulletproof.

The teller who was handed the note said she’s been robbed 13 times before.